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Cushman & Wakefield is an international company providing advisory services on the commercial real estate market. It provides office, commercial, industrial, warehouse, and hotel real estate services. It provides solutions through consulting, investment implementation, and management on behalf of landlords, tenants, and investors at every stage of creating and operating real estate. It represents both small and large companies.


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Discovery Workshop, UI/UX Design, Mobile Development, Web Development, Backend Development.

Project details

The warehouse market around the world is developing at a tremendous pace. The forecast for Poland is 20 billion sq m. modern warehouses in the next 2-3 years. Moreover, according to Damian Kołata, Associate, Industrial and Logistics Agency, Cushman & Wakefield, online shopping will remain one of the key industries driving the demand for modern warehouse space. Warehouse agencies need to deliver high-quality products and differentiate their services using digital technologies. This approach will allow companies in this industry to develop and maintain their leading position.

For this reason, the main goal of Cushman & Wakefield was to create a new website, industrial.pl, which would be user-friendly, offer functionalities to help tenants find the perfect warehouse space, and focus on generating leads.

An algorithmic engine will allow tenants to identify information about locations that offer the highest level of state aid (called - the Special Economic Zone Calculator). Additionally, our client has prepared a special algorithm that distinguishes the company from the competition. So our goal was also to program all the algorithms and integrate them with the new portal.

Another critical issue was to shorten the process of preparing an offer for Cushman & Wakefield clients. The current time is even 5-8 days, and the goal was to get 1-2 hours.

All stages of the project were a big challenge. Still, due to our extensive experience, we knew that we could meet all customer expectations.

Solution & results

The mDevelopers team was selected as a technology partner and design agency. We must exceed high-quality standards by meeting all customer expectations and acquiring another reference partner.We proposed to build a modular solution based on the PHP Laravel framework due to the high standards of accessibility and protection against CSRF attacks.

User interface
aesthetic, professional, and different from other portals
User Experience
To provide the best customer service
to stay ahead of the competition
Data Integration
to display relevant data from different systems
Easy to use for the Cushman & Wakefield

Benefits of our solution

The high quality of the project implementation exceeded the client's expectations. The achieved results meant that the company remains the leader in the real estate market in Poland.

Shortening the offer preparation process from 8 days to 10 minutes
Programming and implementation of new algorithms that have made the company different from the competition
A new website that meets all customer and user expectations
Increased the average time spent on the site to over 20%
Safe solution with fast delivery
Post-implementation support

What client says about our cooperation

Marketing Manager at Cushman & Wakefield: “Industrial department knows that, thanks to digital solutions built by the mDevelopers team, we have more leads and we step out of our competitors.

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