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If you have an idea for a brilliant application and would like to guarantee its feasibility and validate all assumptions, you’ve come to the right place!

Get to know our Discovery Workshop services.

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Groundbreaking workshop

Groundbreaking workshop

Taking part in our Discovery Workshop is the best decision you can make when you start developing your software product. Its purpose is to clarify your idea and plan the whole product so that it meets the tastes of users and your business goals.

You no longer have to think about all aspects, such as defining the target group, defining a budget, planning a timeline, picking the tech stack, or arranging a product roadmap, because everything will be delivered as part of our workshops.

Discovery Workshop is a great option both for startups who would like to document their idea to increase the chance of obtaining financing, as well as for all businesses that want to guarantee that the time and money invested in product development will pay off!

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Get answers to tough questions

In order to turn your brilliant idea into a successful software product, you have to ask yourself many questions from the business, technology, and user experience domains. During our workshops, you will find answers to such questions as:

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What is your target audience, and why would they use your product?
What tech stack is the best for your needs?
What should the user flow look like?
How to prioritize the functionalities to satisfy the user?
What budget and how much time do you need to produce your product?
Is my product feasible?

Deliverables of the Discovery Workshop

Description of product goals and functionalities
Low-fidelity mock-up
Preliminary cost & timeline estimate
Architecture adapted to your KPIs
Defined tech stack
Definition of the target audience
User flows, user stories
Product roadmap
Product feasibility report
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Our product development process

  • The product vision and purpose step is only the beginning of our workshops, but already at this stage, customers notice that they did not think about many important aspects, which are crucial in the long term.

  • This phase is one of the longer ones, but our customers always thank us for guiding them through it. This is because research conducted by our specialists directly affects whether the application will meet the tastes of users.

  • User flow is the path taken by a prototypical user of your app to complete a task. We design user flows because it is one of the top priorities for making sure users are able to achieve what they need without hiccups along the way!

  • User stories are a technique for describing the requirements of software development in agile methodologies. User stories allow us to understand what value each ​​of the functionality brings in and why the user would like to use it.

  • We prioritize the functionalities of a product so that during the first release it does not turn out that the application has too few of them and the user will go to the competition or have too many of them and the user will get lost.

  • As part of our Discovery Workshop, we will help you choose the tech stack that best suits all the aspects that we identified earlier so that your application will work on a world-class level!

  • To ensure that your product will be scalable, with increasing traffic and the number of users, we will determine what its architecture should look like. Thanks to it the product will be able to develop without the need for a thorough reconstruction.

  • Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we can provide you with a professional valuation of your product development and determine the timeline in which your product will be made.

Take advantage of our Discovery Workshop, and outrun competitors!

Get in touch with us, and guarantee that your software product will be a top-notch solution from day one.

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Discovery Workshops in our projects


Discovery Workshop made the world's first game-based self-coaching app development possible!

When this British startup started cooperation with us, they had nothing more than an idea for an application. Thanks to Discovery Workshop, we accurately defined all the details of the project, thanks to which development was carried out quickly, and 93% of people from Oxford's University Cognition Laboratory test group assessed the app as effectively supporting achieving goals.


Discovery Workshop made managing a robot with single touch possible!

Skriware appeared at mDevelopers doorstep when they found themselves in a situation where their mobile application needed a significant overhaul. Time was critical as investors waited for the new version of the application. That's why we started with Discovery Workshops, which allowed us to make informed decisions that made the application scalable until today!

What do clients say about Discovery Workshop?

Otto Fromell

CEO & Founder at Ithaca Life LLC

If you, like me, have a big idea that you want to turn into reality, I highly recommend you go through the Discovery Workshop with mDevelopers. It will save you both time and money and at the end you will know if it’s worthwhile. You can walk away saying “I gave it the best shot possible” and you will have no regrets.

Stephanie Sinclair Lappi

Development Manager and CEO at Ever Grove

I'm pleased, I think that it made our kind of meta vision more concrete, we know where we're going. I think that Discovery Workshop really narrowed it down to what is like, the most important part of what we're offering. We also didn't feel like you slowed things down at all, on the contrary, you kind of gave us this boost to keep things rolling. Which is, you know, with a startup, we don't always know exactly how we're going to be doing things yet. So you kept things in motion, and active cuz weeks roll by really fast, you know, it's like whoa, it springs already.

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