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About our client

UJJI is a startup from Great Britain, which in cooperation with Oxford University, has created a mechanism to help people overcome the Akrasia effect. This effect is an invisible force that prevents us from achieving our long-term goals.

UJJI is the world's first game-based self-coach app. The name UJJI is Sanskrit for 'to win' and 'to help one in winning'.

This fun and rewarding personal growth journey has been created to help users start winning in life. UJJI's proven life coaching techniques were transformed into games and activities that guide users in achieving their goals.




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Discovery Workshop, UI/UX Design, Mobile Development, Web Development, Backend Development, AI Development

Project details

The goal of UJJI was to create a self-coach mobile application backed by neuroscience, delivered through serious games, and fueled with artificial intelligence. The application aims to support people in their personal development and help them achieve goals in various areas of life, such as Health, Career, Relationships, Self-improvement, Sustainability, and Finances.

UJJI approached mDevelopers due to our extensive experience in building mobile applications dedicated to various industries and with various functionalities. Additionally, our team had experience in projects based on artificial intelligence, which was very important for UJJI.

The client expected a partner who would advise the best technological solutions and explain the impact of individual functionalities on the budget on an ongoing basis, and be able to turn his idea into financial success.

Solution & results

The result of our cooperation is the application, which supports personal development through fun and prizes.

We have created a mobile application for two platforms, iOS, and Android, and a web panel. We are coding an artificial intelligence engine that will accurately assess the personality of a given user, suggest the most effective techniques to achieve the intended goal and obtain the fastest effect in personal development. During the project, we focused on the following aspects:

Thanks to the engaging mechanisms created in cooperation with Oxford University and a well-thought-out interface, series of games, personality profiles, and awards, application users maintain commitment and shape positive behavior striving for mastery.
AI engine
We are implementing an artificial intelligence engine, which will use methods and mechanisms. The Artificial intelligence used in the application assesses the personality of a given user and suggests the fastest and most effective techniques for achieving the goal.
The key in applications is to keep the KISS principle. Creating the most straightforward possible interface allows the user to perform a given activity in a few steps.
91% of users, while giving feedback, emphasize its outstanding design and user experience. All of them were pleased with the delightful animations.
Together with our client, we chose microservice architecture, AWS data cloud, MySQL database and React Native, UNITY, Symfony, and Python programming languages. As pioneers and one of the few, at the beginning of the project, we checked the possibility of combining two games written in UNITY and integrating them into an application written in React Native. Our recommendation to use this connection significantly shortened development time.

Benefits of our solution

UJJI's proven life coaching techniques were transformed into games and activities that guide users in achieving their goals.

We created the world's first game-based self-coach mobile app.
Over 93% of people from the 400-person test group rated the application as effective in helping achieve goals.
90% of tested users declare that they will continue to use the application, and 80% declare that they are ready to pay for the application.
8 in every 10 people would be willing to pay a monthly subscription fee to use UJJI and only 15% of people said UJJI is not necessarily for them.
This project increased the valuation of UJJI company from £200K to £3.2M in less than a year.

What client says about our cooperation

From the start, mDevelopers understood the power of our idea. Since the moment we started working together, they gave us confidence that in spite of how complex our solution would be from a technical perspective, we’d be able to bring it to life. mDevelopers is more than a software development house; they're an extension of the UJJI team.

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