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About our client

Clear Choice Prep is an online platform that offers tutors and individualized curriculum for SAT preparation. Company provides all the curriculum, technology, and consulting that tutoring companies need to improve results, increase referrals, and generate more revenue.

Clear Choice Prep delivers a 100% white label test prep system, complete with custom branded curriculum and software, to tutoring companies across the U.S. and around the world.

Clear Choice Prep solves the limitations of traditional tutoring by allowing tutors to instantly score and analyze full-length diagnostic tests, lessons and quizzes. Students receive instant feedback and support between sessions in the form of video solutions. Clear Choice Prep also delivers progress reports and overdue work reminders to keep students accountable and parents in the loop.





Services & Workshops

Services & Workshops: Web Development, UI/UX Design

Project details

The existing Clear Choice web application did not meet customer and user expectations: it was too unreliable and too slow. It lacked basic functionalities (the so-called worksheets), which were critical from the client's point of view.

Due to the constantly decreasing number of users/customers, the company's business condition was deteriorating. The client had to improve the operation of the web application as soon as possible and stop the outflow of users.

Therefore, in this case, time played a key role. For Clear Choice, it was important to carry out all the necessary work quickly and maintain high quality. As a result, the company's financial condition will immediately stop deteriorating and then improve.

Solution & results

The result of our work is a modern and highly functional web application that meets the requirements of both the users of the application and us.

Thanks to the introduced changes, it was possible to stop losing customers and start acquiring new ones.

The project schedule was extremely tight. In just 2 weeks, our company not only had to become familiar with the code, conduct its detailed analysis, and introduce critical functionalities. Then, a map of further software development was prepared. In the following weeks, we corrected bugs and improved the functioning of the entire system to make it reliable.
Our next work was carried out in the areas of UX and UI, and sketches and projects were prepared. A prototype was also built and is currently under construction. Work on the student's view has been completed, and now, work on the tutor's view is underway.

Benefits of our solution

The result of our work is a highly functional web application, thanks to which our client not only stopped losing customers but also improved his financial condition. The improvement of key business indicators allowed our client to develop business in other countries.

We have introduced new functionalities, thanks to which the level of customer satisfaction increased by 78.5%.
We increased the speed of the platform by 120%.
We have lowered the cost of maintaining the platform.
A modern platform enables the effective acquisition of new customers.
The obtained competitive advantage allows the development of businesses in new markets.
The client's financial condition improved.

What client says about our cooperation

Co-Founder at Clear Choice Test Prep: “Thanks to the mDevelopers team we have retained our large client, generated new revenue opportunities, and our business is successful once again ...”

Matt McCorkle

Co-Founder at Clear Choice Test Prep

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